5 Tips For Updating Your Website

We are three months into 2022, and this is your reminder that updating your website throughout the year is extremely important! Leaving it static could hurt your business in the long run. Whether it’s ensuring that everything is up-to-date and working correctly, adding new blog posts, or updating SEO keywords, treat your website like you would treat yourself: a little talk, a little love, and a lot of self-care! 

In this post, we’ll introduce five tips to help you update your website. Let’s begin!

Ensure That Everything is Still Working & Up to Date

This step should be conducted first as it is most important! You should conduct a thorough audit of your site – going through each page and checking for issues. Many themes or plugins will require frequent updates. Be sure to check all links to ensure they are not broken or bringing users to the wrong place. And finally, check the content to ensure you do not have any missing and/or out-of-date content. Remember, this audit should be conducted on as many, if not all, device sizes as possible. Responsiveness is critical to design in this mobile-friendly, attention-seeking world. 

This may seem like a lot, but it’s important that every page makes a strong impression!

Update SEO Keywords 

SEO keywords are essential when ranking on Google. The right keywords help you rank higher in search engines, which means your site will be more visible. Even if you conducted plenty of keyword research when you first built your site, search volumes could always change. This means the keywords you’re using may no longer attract your target audience effectively.

To fix this, you should devote time to checking your site’s main keywords. If you find any keywords have lost popularity or are underperforming, you can alter existing content to target more vital alternatives.

Add Minor Design Changes 

Unless you are doing a complete website redesign, you only need to make a few minor design changes when updating your website. Remember, design elements that were popular at this time last year may not be popular this year, and outdated graphics tend to give the impression of an outdated website. You may come across images or design elements that are no longer relevant or aren’t aligned with your current brand identity. 

So take some time to invest in updating graphics and make minor design changes. 

Bring Older Content Up to Date 

Your website probably consists of a lot of content, so it’s definitely worth taking some time to revisit. If your website uses statistics, after a year or two, the numbers might change, so make sure those data points are up to date. Clients may come and go, and you don’t want to showcase anything that is no longer valid. So take some time to make sure your website content is as accurate as possible. 

Repurpose Past Content 

Do you have a blog post or video that went viral in the past? Repurpose it in some way throughout your website to bring it back to the forefront and readily available! Repurposing content is an easy way to update your website, without the hassle of trying to think of something innovative and brand new. 

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