Lessons Learned from Andy Frisella Live Hard Program

Live Hard is a mental toughness program created by Andy Frisella designed to help you reach your full potential. It has four different phases: 75 Hard, Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3, each done with zero compromises and completed in a 365-day period.

One year ago today, I started my first day of 75 hard. And although there was an incredible physical transformation that happened, it is the mental side of things that changed the most for me this past year. Here are three main things I learned through the program.


Life is constantly throwing us curve balls, and unfortunate situations are bound to happen at some point. Ultimately, it is how we respond that either moves us forward or pulls us down! The Live Hard program is inconvenient by design. You have to change your mindset to prioritize action even when things are inconvenient. You really have to dig deep to find your values because they will inherently determine the decisions you make. Traveling? Still waking up early to get my workouts in. Hurricane busted through town? Still going out of my way to have a conversation with a stranger today. You may not be able to control the circumstances in life, but if you focus on what you can control, you will come out on top. Control the controllables!


A few years ago, I used to talk about achieving new goals of mine, and I would always mention motivation, or the lack thereof. And don’t get me wrong, I’ve experienced strong self-discipline at various times in my life, but it is something that has always come and gone based on my “motivation” or the conditions around me. I would start working out consistently, only to stop after two weeks because I had a vacation planned. I would eat nutritious foods, only to treat myself to a milkshake after a bad day. I realized, through this program, discipline is key! Not to mention it is actually a skill you must practice. A zero-compromise mindset that you will do what needs to be done to win that day. Focusing one day at a time


When you start prioritizing winning one day at a time and controlling the controllables, you realize how much you are capable of. Once you build a strong sense of self-discipline, things like self-confidence will follow. For me, it was the “hard days” (when I didn’t feel like going to the gym, or eating clean, or getting my power list tasks done) where my discipline came into play, and my confidence grew the most. I found a way to move forward. I found a way to get my tasks completed. I found a way PERIODT. And guess what? It was on those days that became the most valuable. You prove to yourself that you can do hard things.

The Live Hard program was exactly what I needed this year! If you are thinking about doing 75 Hard or the Live Hard program, I highly recommend committing to it. As Andy says in his podcast, “75 days is a small price to pay to become the best version of yourself.” I want everyone around me to know what this feels like!

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